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11th to 15th November 2018
at 'Malloon Creek' Bungendore NSW

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On Jan 26th 2011 Peter Andrews was awarded Australia's highest public award. The Order of Australia Medal. We all congratulate him for finally being recognised by his country and hope that this will be the turning point to see his theory of Natural Sequence Farming be implemented more freely among Government and Council departments.

Peter was elected to the Carbon Farmers Hall of Fame in a presentation at the Carbon Coalition Conference in Orange. The former GG MJ presented Peter with the award. See photos here - 1 - 2

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There are many cycles in the past that have severely damaged our farmer. When I decided to risk my assets and life, I determined that I would act truthfully – a necessary feature of this procedure It is absolutely vital for my sanity to continue along that path.
I am prepared to permit an independent group to analyse my past actions. The people who raised me and made me what I am plus all farmers deserve no less from me. Enough evidence exists that the planet is in trouble. This continent naturally experienced similar disasters and evolved solutions. I have always requested that this all be tested.
Peter Andrews

Did you miss this historic event?

At 9 to 5 Friday on 6 May 2011 University of Sydney
International House, City Rd near Cleveland St

The Subject was: Towards an Ecologically Integrative Climate Paradigm
Re-Coupling Carbon and Water Cycles

If international climate negotiations are locked in a serious conflict
between the affluent global North versus 'developing' South, Australian
climate policy is deadlocked by a superficial political contest between
political Right and Left. Moreover, in Australia 'economic solutions' like
taxes or trading are being proffered for 'ecological problems'! This can
achieve little on the ground - since economics and ecology deal with two
different orders of reality. A higher level of public eco-literacy will be
critical for sound climate policy. Download PDF
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Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) is a rural landscape management technique aimed at restoring natural water cycles that allow the land to flourish despite drought conditions. NSF offers a low-cost, widely applicable method of reducing drought severity and boosting productivity on Australia’s farms and landscapes. The technique is based on ecological principles, low input requirements and natural cycling of water and nutrients to make the land more resilient.

Significant areas of Australian land and water bodies have been seriously degraded, largely through the removal of natural means of conserving water. The challenge to provide Australia’s ongoing water requirements without undermining the ecological resilience of the land demands urgent and informed action.

Founder, Peter Andrews has devoted his life to the development of Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) techniques to restore the natural balance of water cycles prevalent before they were disturbed.

Please access the links in the Site Map to find out more about Peter Andrews, Natural Sequence Farming principles and the efforts to bring Peter's techniques into mainstream use in Australia. You can also register to receive updates and be part of the efforts to achieve Peter's vision.

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The online Edition of the IJW has just become available. Check out the table of contents page at......Take this link.
This will be the platform used for The University of Sydney symposium on - The New Water Paradigm: Water for an Ecologically Integrative Approach to Climate Change - has had to be rescheduled for Friday 6 May. More to come later....

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Peter Andrews video on YouTube.
You can now see and hear Peter speak on the video website YouTube.

More information is here

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Important June 12th 2009 Tarwyn Park Meeting
Peter Andrews and the ex Governor-General of Australia Major-General Michael Jeffery,hosted a very important meeting at Tarwyn Park on JUne 12th. You can read more about it on the forum here.

Important Notice
At the Field Day in mid November 2008, it was suggested by many that we make available a letter draft which could be used by them when contacting their political representatives. If you wish to use the letter, you can see and download it here.

Dec 17th 2008
Here are some pertinant points which should be taken into account at this time in the Carbon Trading debate.

Scientific Facts reveal Australia could lead the world in climate change management.

The following points confirm the facts.

1. Australia could be carbon negative in a year!
2. Plants and water tables are 10 to 100 fold more productive than artificial irrigation.
3. Water quality, soil fertility, environmental balances, water availability; of the greatest efficiency, were once features of the Australian landscape.
4. Plants and water tables have more than 80% influence on climate than any other environmental component.
The above information has been checked by many leading scientists and thousands of people who have inspected demonstration sites in the Australian landscape.

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